The obnoxious, why hasn't he texted or called back question?

I know the answer is he is just not that into you. However, would like some feedback about this situation and what I can do not to mess up again the next time.

He and I worked together for 2 years. We didn't date cause he was together with someone else. Then he asked me out on a date but I rejected him cause he was still together with the other person.

2 years later he contacts me for the first time. I propose to drink a coffee with him and chat. He met me and I met him, during the coffee he talked about taking me out dancing and going out on a second date.

The day he said we could meet for the second date he tells me that he is very busy and that we should talk later on about future plans. I respond that its OK that he should work and that we could meet up the next week. Next week comes we talk on the phone. we decide a time and place and then he sends me a bunch of text messages where he says, "still in a meeting." "In a meeting, will text as soon as I've left the meeting." Then he finally texts, " Can't come, have a pending contract to solve" and then I respond that Im cool and that I am going to the gym. After that he makes a lame ass promise of meeting me the next day and I tell him that I can't the next day cause I have work. Then he makes a bunch of questions like he can't believe that I have a life of my own and I end up pissed off and I text him about how awesome my activities without him are. Like playing golf and meeting my sister and my nieces.

After that I recommend Sunday and its been more than a week since I sent him that message about Sunday.

So now, if he ever does contact me again, I feel like not talking to him or accepting a date. Did I do anything wrong or is he simply a douche.


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  • what does it mean 'he can't believe that I have a life of my own'? lol. that is in fact obnoxious and plain insulting, like if he's such a little precious busy bee who could cancel plans last minute for anything else 'more important' than you, while it's unacceptable for you not being available and ready when he snaps his fingers? he keeps canceling, he's probably still dating around other people. it could even be he started playing nasty cause you rejected that time when he was still with his ex, and his frail ego got bruised. but for asking out while still engaged, you might guess what he wanted. sorry, but he's simply a jerk who's not that into you.