Does he want to rekindle what we had?

So me & my guy friend were seeing each other and then things got rough & we argued badly and it ended. After 2 weeks he snapchats me telling me he's sorry & how he's realised how much of a knob he's been and how he fucked up. He then went on to say:

I don't think there's confusion with that because (role play here)
Him: hope we can be friends?
Me: I don't think we can ever just be friends.
Him: yeah that's true.
Me: sorry I can't just be friends not atm.
Me: I can't just frid zone you like that.
Him: maybe we could go for drinks?

I pretty much told him I can't just be friends with him, so does it sound like he's trying to rekindle it?


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  • Well you hinted that you want to be more than friends so I guess he is

  • Sounds like he was looking to see what you said about the friends idea and you said you can't do friends so he knows you still care and i would say that taking you for a drink would lighten you up and the possibility of sex for him. But as a man they don't say they want friendship if they want more and the reason he apologised was for his benefit to clear his conscience.