Did I mess up? or make the right choice?

a while ago i started talking to this guy and he was really nice and funny, but he was really negative and had low self esteem. i went on date with him, and it was really fun and i had a great time, but then he always wanted to hangout, but im always busy, and he never was, so it was awkward. i ended up telling him i didn't think it was going to work, but now i see him in the hallway all the time and i say hi sometimes, but i just dont know if he thinks its weird. the other day i also saw him looking at me from the corner of his eye. sometimes i think that i should have given him a longer chance, but i couldnt take the negativity. i just want some other peoples thoughts on this.


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  • I think you made the right choice. He doesn't seem like the guy for you. Possibly, but considering he is negative and you don't like that, it's probably not going to work. Just be friendly around him and don't make it awkward. He still thinks about you it seems, looking gives that away. Probably drag effects from your relationship.


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