So was trying to give online dating a try but failing miserably so far?

I don't know if its just me or if they messages and profile were that bad but I haven't got a pulse of a response from any of the younger women I have been messaging on that site. I'm confused cause I've had a lot of success meeting girls younger than me at local bars and pubs last few years but online not able to do much of anything. I'm not sure if profile isn't giving off the same positive vibe as when I see girls in person for some reason. or if girls online are just more fickle and have more options than I realise


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  • Online dating can suck a little bit! We tend to judge the pictures because that is all we have.. I say post two good pics of yourself and don't put too much info so that you don't seem too desperate and when you do message someone keep it fun and short.. I hate when guys put hey!! Put something that stands put that you saw lile maybe they love pizza.. you can be have you checked out this (blank) pizza restaurant super good.. somethting about their profile that caught your attention other than the usual boring hey what's up.. or if they like to go hiking.. then hey where have you been? ;) good luck


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  • Don't better you look around you then online believe me your life will be a hell


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