So Whats the best thing to do now?

Ok, so i have a class with this guy I like. (im a high school sophmore, he's a freshman) we normally do the work together with two other friends. today he was whispering something to the other two friends (one sophmore and one freshman) in front of me and they started snickering. i asked what was up and they didn't answer. the guy i like got up for a sec and the sophmore friend asked if i like him. i said no, even though i really mean yes, cause i dont want the two friends getting in my buisness. im not sure if he heard me say no or not. if he did, what do i do? also, after he got back the two started asking if id go to the movies with him if he asked. i was rather annoyed and told them to cut the crap out. so yeah, whats the thing to do now? i like this guy but haven't had relationship expirience so what do i exactly do next?


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  • Honestly, he probably hasn't had a relationship experience either, and I don't think he realizes that he's handling this the wrong way, lol. It's mature of u not to want his friends all involved, so if you're up for it, then I'd approach him and ask what's going on. Either that or wait it out and see if this comes up again.

    • Yeah. I wrote a letter and snuck it in his bag. He's been kinda ignoring me all day though. Should I call him or wait till Monday?

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    • Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely fine for women to approach first, but i think that in this situation, him approaching first would show a mutual interest. You don't want to make yourself too available in an effort to find out if he likes you or not. You've already taken the steps to try and see what's going on, and he didn't reply. At this point, it's vital for him to grow some balls and speak up. If he doesn't, then you'll have your answer :)

    • lol. ok. thanks!

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