Talked to a female friend about being a couple?

so i just talked to a female freind
about if she would ever like to be a couple
and she said the reason i dont want to do it is because i am afraid it will destroy our friendship
so if the friendship wasn't there i would
so my question to y'all is would y'all say to her give it a shot
or would y'all say no dont risk it
and if no why not please explain


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  • Well you could go for it and see what happens I mean she is basically saying that if she doesn't feel anything other than a friendship she wouldn't want to risk the giving you a chance and see how it goes but if it doesn't she wouldn't want to lose you as a friend so it's your call

    • well in my eyes she says well i want to try but i will be afraid that if we brake up our friendship is going to be destroyd and i would actually give it a shot because i want to see if we would be a great couple and i have liked her for almost 5 years now on the first of February we know eachother 5 years exactly

    • Like I said why not? Try it but if it doesn't work hope the friendship doesn't get ruined because of it but you never know if you don't try

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