Help me plan a date?

So I'm going to ask this guy I really like out, we're still getting to know each other but I've liked him for a few months now without him knowing, since I've only started showing it in the last two weeks or so. Problem is I live in a town where there is nothing to do, like a few fast food restaurants and that's it. He also doesn't have a job and I don't make that much money so restaurants might not work out too well I was thinking coffee but I'm pretty sure he told me once he doesn't like coffee or tea. When I say there is nothing else to do though I mean it. I was thinking about asking him to teach me to long board since he really enjoys it and my friends also long board so it'd be something nice to learn, then the weather decided to dump snow down so that won't work either. He lives in a town about half an hour away so if he did stay in town after school one day to hang out or something I'd want to have something planned, and if worst comes to worst I can take him to a friends house but he doesn't know my friends that well and I wouldn't want to make him feel awkward. I was also thinking about inviting him to a party until today when we were talking and he told me he hasn't even touched a beer or any alcohol in over half a year because of his dad (what he said made me think his father is an alcoholic and abusive from the sounds of it) so I'm not sure if he's comfortable around alcohol at all. I just want to have something planned for when I ask him out so any suggestions for what to do when we are from two tiny towns (the one he lives has less than the one I live in) with nothing to do, and with maybe 20$ to plan with.

Also, I won't bring him to my house since my family are pigs and I could clean the whole house and it would be a disaster before I even got home from school the next day. Plus my family are ass holes to all my friends especially guys and I know I couldn't go to his house since he does not get along with any of his family at all.


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  • Hike, run, workout, TV, movie, bike, make pizza from scratch, do yoga, take a bath together, read G@G posts, show him some of your photos, go swimming, talk, go for a walk & hold hands gaze in each others eyes and stroke each others arm and neck, give each other a massage / foot massage, play basketball, skate, longboard, hangout at Dairy Queen, go out for a burger, watch a DVD, listen to music. Don't worry, the 2 of you will figure out something!

    Lots of books on it...

    Get em from the library if you can. Longboarding is also fun.. I love it.

    Good luck!

    • Ugh, while I was reading that I mentally scratched out the ones we couldn't do. It left, go for a walk, massages, skate, , and listen to music. ;o This is sad. Since I don't own skates, and listening to music would suck if were stuck in the cold. Maybe I'll just kidnap him instead ;o

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  • Take him to the beach far away from other people. Boom perfect date, perfect privacy!

    • Neither of us have cars and it's snowy and cold ):

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