Does he like me or am I friendzoned?

Here goes: been friends with this guy for awhile. We meet twice a week. We hug a lot and he kisses my forehead. We have an affectionate friendship and he certainly doesn't do this to our mutual fried who is also a girl. He sometimes nudges me playfully or gives me a shove lol. Its the kisses on the forehead that has me wondering and he always hugs me good bye with his chin resting ontop of my head. He refers me as his best friend though.


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  • Ya he likes you next time he gives you a kiss on the forehead just be like "You can give me a real kiss can't you?" he'll either make his move or you'll find out where you stand with him I'm like 99% sure he likes you as more than a friend because guys don't give girls kisses on the forehead unless it's like more than that so go for it.

    • ^good advice.
      Take action with him. Just let him know you're serious and don't try to say it like it's a joke or he might not take it seriously

    • Ya that's important he might think it's a joke so you've got to make sure he knows you're serious

    • That's good advice maybe he thinks I'm not being serious... maybe I should bite the bullet

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  • *sigh* Friendzoned, but he refers you as his bestfriend, so there's still a chance of him developing romantic feelings.

    Friendzoned hugs: Rubbing your back, patting your back, one armed hugs, Head nodges, cheek kisses.

    Its not the end of the world.


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  • He probably like you as his best friend. By the things you say

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