Are women attracted to a man who takes care of himself?

Like I'm always clean and I always smell good

I use a lot of lotion

my hair is always nice and soft

I get asked by men & women if I'm gay for some reason

I shave my face, chest, and private area

I've been called a metrosexual a few times and I guess I agree with it

it's this unattractive?


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  • Depends on how much you take care of yourself. A guy who has nice maintenance and smells good is extremely attractive. (A guy who smells good will literally make me swoon, I once bitched my best friend out because he smelled too good and we are in no way attracted to each other)
    But if a girl gets the sense that you use more product than she does she might think you are too high maintenance. We have enough trouble getting ready ourselves, we do not need to worry about a pretty guy.

    • the only kind of stuff I really use are face cleansers in the shower and some kind of oil in my hair in the shower to make it softer. I shave all my parts in the shower. so this makes for only like one really long shower once a week. my average everyday shower is like 20 minutes

    • then you should be good. We do like guys who take care of themselves. Again spray on a decent cologne and we will be putty (well some girls anyway).

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  • It depends.
    Some girls would be turned off for sure.
    I find it hard to get a grasp on this just with verbiage.

    I'm guessing you've encountered some rejections that might be gender conflicting.

    I'm thinking ignore those things.
    Find acceptance on your own terms.
    If some people are offended by your excellent grooming habits, too bad for them.

  • That's fine by me. I know 2 guys who use lotion and I didn't even think it was weird until my friend (female) freaked out over it and said "that's GAAAAAAAAY"

    As long as you don't act like a girl, I don't see the issue, haha.

  • yes it shows if u can take care of urself u can take care of a girl xxx

  • If someone cares that much they should probably be taking notes from you.


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  • If you're being called metro, it's not because you're clean.

    I mean, people sort of expect you not to smell like a hobo who just pissed on himself.

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