Does he really like me or just wants a fling?

I met this guy about 2 years ago randomly. He asked me out and stuff but I didn't meet up with him much because I come from a very strict family. Yet he kept asking me out while I said no. Later he stopped asking me out but used to text me and email me once in a while. About 6 months ago I called him. He wanted to meet me and I agreed. I had some other serious issues whilst this and he helped me. But his way of helping was confusing. He says he'll be there to pick me at a time but never shows up at the time, The problems I had were from a stalker, and it was essential the he be there on time, as this other guy was scary. Anyway he used to come see me everyday (at my hostel, after my class mates drop me there safely). I didn't ask him to but he came. Later on when my problems were solved he didn't come as often. But we met at least once a week, we text and email each other everyday. and sometimes he calls me too. It came to a stage I really liked him but he never said he liked me, and I was getting sad and tired of the flirtatious things going on without any solid ground. Then once when were sending each other joking text msgs, he said he will miss me. I said he wont. and then he called and said he likes me and he means it when he says he misses me. That day he came to see me and asked me to be his girlfriend, Note upto this stage for all these years, I only met two of his friends. And these two friends are not his close friends. He pays when we go out. Also, when I asked him why he took so long to tell me this, He told lots of things but they seemed contradictory. For example he said I thought a girl like you would never say yes to me (as we have very different life styles) but then he also said, I always thought we are together anyway and there is no need to tell that in words. Anyway I said I like him too but my family is strict and I'm not allowed to have a boy friend of a different country ( we are from different countries) Because of the pressure from my family next day I had to say him that it's not possible that I can be with him. Since then I didn't hear from him. I missed him really badly and called him 2 days later. He didn't want to talk with me much, Now it's been exactly a week, If he really likes me wouldn't he contact me. When I called him he knew I was really upset about what happened. I also told him that I still want to be good friends with him and all that, he said he will call me the next day but it's been days now and he hasn't called. My brother doesn't like him as he think this guy doesn't like me as much as I like him and he says as a guy he feels that my guy just wants a fling. I still like him, but I'm not sure whether it's worth risking my family just for this guy. because I'm not sure whether he really likes me


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  • Yes he likes you in my opinion.


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