Should I try to have more with my bestfriend?

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I've had a friend for about 4 years. He's an amazing, sweet guy and ever since I first met him I've had a crush on him. I love him now, as a friend but I'm not sure if I should try to make more of it. Most of the time we've been friends I've been in relationships and he's the type of guy to have respect for someone who is in a relationship and not mess with it. We hang out almost everyday. He's always getting doors for me, getting me food if I'm hungry, making sure I'm taken care of and not cold, but I'm not sure if its just because he has respect for girls.. and friends. All of our friends are mutual, we hang around the same people.
sometimes it's hard for me to imagine me being more because of the friendship we have. Ex. I'm not sure If I could see us having sex or holding hands around our friends.

He's really the only person I hang out with and I'd be afraid of loosing him if the feeling wasn't mutual or if it ended badly.. he understands me, toan extent that I ddidn't know he did. He knows I'm shy and will go out of his way to make sure I'm not in an awkward situation..

If you think I should try to be more, please elaborate on how I should do so.

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  • This is a really hard situation to be in, but you are going to have to really analyze your friendship. This is something that you might not come back from if rushed. If you want to be more you have to ease into telling him. For example: you guys hang out and go eat and are have a chill convo... say something like "hey can I be serious about something for a moment? . You are really awesome and I like being with you... Is it possible if we could consider being more. " If he is silent tell him," there is no pressure, if you fell awkward about it we can drop the subject, I don't want to lose our friendship because you mean a lot to me." You can put it in however manner you feel just take you time when going into something like this. :)


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  • I tend to say a lot of things, but this one I think you should straight up tell him. I don't know if I can really suggest anything else.

  • Maybe u are over thinking that he will leave u... why don't u just talk it out!!!;);)

    • The only reason I haven't talked to him about it is that I'm scared to loose him or put tension between us.. ):

    • I understand but to know his feelings u have to talk to him... or just ask him in a indirect way...

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  • Tell him how you feel.

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