What are the signs that a girl is on the Rebound?

I hate dating a girl just to find out she was on the rebound and then she runs in the opposite direction . How do I know a girl is on the rebound ?


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  • I would agree with Jarett on this one . If the chick is ready to jump into a relationship right after ending one that means that she can not be alone . If you take her on a date, I would just ask her, or at least talking about past relationship, and in a round-a-bout way you would get your answer .

  • I'd take it slow, get to know her a bit . But if a girl just got out of a relationship, I won't date her . No way, no how. She needs some time to figure out who she is again. If a girl jumps out of a relationship and is ready to jump back into another one, that is an immediate red flag for me, and I say, no thanks .

  • -They just got out of a relationship
    -They constantly talk about their ex, whether it's complaining or praising them
    -they act very hot and cold (not exclusive to rebounders but they do exhibit that behavior)
    -they strictly want sex
    -not sure of what they want
    -you feel like you're walking on eggshells with them the whole time