Dating a guy with ADHD? Advice?

I am dating someone with ADHD and honestly, I can feel it doing a toll on me because when we are not together I feel like I am completely not on his mind. When we are together though everything is great. He tends to space out after so many minutes of talk which can be frustrating.

Communication is the most important part to any relationship in my opinion.

Any advice on how to make this relationship the best it can be? Any points to help me understand?

He is also very hard to read and understand. Idk.


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  • As someone with ADHD I can see how it can cause some frustration for you. One way to keep and maintain his focus on you for long talks, would be to keep saying his name again and again throughout the conversation as you talk with him. When an ADHD person hears their name it triggers them to listen more closely. For example: "So (his name), what do you think about this?" Instead of, "So, what do you think about this." Just don't say his name TOO often, otherwise it might get kind of annoying.

    • So what is it like for you in a relationship, having the ADHD. ?

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    • Very well... He is also very reclusive and likes to be alone so I feel like I am trying to much to be apart of his life. I just enjoy his presence and honestly could care less to talk, when it comes to being with him, it is about just being there. You know?

      Hopefully things will prosper with us and I hope you meet someone that you can spend your life with :) if you so choose to.

    • I'm 75% extrovert and I'm not reclusive. His reclusiveness is more likely a personality trait than an ADHD trait. Good luck with him. Me, I went on one date with a girl from work, and I'm hoping things work out between us.

  • People with ADHD annoy the piss out of me.


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