How has avoiding dating in some way effected your life?

I see most women lives go pretty unaffected by dating, but mens lifestyles change a lot. I think in high school I kinda accepted I was ugly but was dealt a good hand in pretty much every thing else. So I kinda just avoiding the whole thing intentionally and unintentionally and I spend my days working on myself and compared to my peers who got caught up on the whole thing I'm doing a lot better


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  • What do you mean affected by not dating?

    • like you notice that some people date and their lives get consumed by the relationship or just takes a lot of their time. how has not dating positively effected your life?

    • Oh right. Well some people just don't have lives that focus on one relationship tobthe next. I have my life set up so that I have structure and other things that take my time and energy and so if I have a relationship I will fit it in but it's not my entire world. It's depends how independent someone is and how secure and happy they can be without a relationship. I don't to date someone to he happy with myself and my life.

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  • I'm ahead academically and professionally. But, I've had friends who dated and are doing better than I do. I think it's not that much related.

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