I am in love with a coworker and I invited him for coffee?

i am in love with my “co-worker”, actually we just share the same business centre, we never had a long conversation or something like that, I know nothing personal about him but i decided to invite him for coffee for next days… The thing is since i invited him for coffee he started touching my shoulders and back for no reason. I just feel his hand so sweet like he is talking to me with his body. HELP ME, do you think this is a good signal or its me in love? What should I talk about in this coffee thing?


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  • Wow, I'll bet the gossip mill is working at top speed already. Everyone there knows you two are an item.
    Make sure that's ok with you before you take things any farther.

    It sounds like he's as much into you as you are into him, though. But make sure you both can handle the pressure of a business romance. I'm not sure what you mean by the 'same business centre.' Do you work for different organizations, or the same one? Ifi it's the same one, the usual precautions are called for.

    • no we just share the same building but not in the same company its like a place where you have different companies... i am so exited about having a coffee with him. I dont want to spoil everything its the chance i have to understand if this is what both want

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    • what should i talk about?

    • Your cat or dog, see if he's an animal lover.

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  • This looks very good. Now you've invited him to coffee he feels he can finally return the affection he has for you. Very sweet.

    You are so lucky. I'm in love with a girl I work with and if only I had the same situation as you do here.

    Good luck.

  • Of course he is liking you back in a romantic way.

  • make sure u have comdoms


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