Long distance relationship question?

For anyone in a long term, long distance relationship I don't know how you do it!

I have temporarily got myself in one for a few months while I'm away & it's driving me crazy!

I am completely in love with this guy & want to talk to him 24/7 but he is such a boy & never seems to want to share any emotion.

He always replies, he sends x's & hearts in response to things mostly when ending a conversation. The other day we skyped for an hour & he said he missed me. I know he still has feelings I just don't know how long they will last & I hate this lack of communication!


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  • It sucks ass. I hate it. But it's what needs to happen. We get to see each other in a week, but it's been nearly 6 weeks since I saw him last. I get depressed and moody and I try really hard not to take it out on him. I'm so glad this is only for the school year. I'd die if this had to be a multi-year thing.


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  • Much Skype much much Skype! As long as you can and cyber sex too. Do it and you will both be alright. I talk from experience.


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  • Not to be a negative person, but long distance relationships don't usually work. Trust me. But what helps with this situation is to take a short-term break and see if it works out or not. I hope this helps and hang in there girl :) x

    • But this isn't a long distance relationship. It's a long distance moment in a short distance relationship. All i'm asking is for help to get through the next 2 months with a guy that dislikes communicating (always has), a break is not an option i'd consider. But thank you anyway

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