Ignoring my text after things were going well?

A guy I've been seeing for 4 weeks always shared a routine with me where we would text each other good morning and good night and talk off and on throughout the day. We both dislike the phone so we always text. We were seeing each other 1-2x a week. The past week he's been wanting to hang out with me every other day after work. We grab a bite to eat, talk, & I always sleep over. He also started being affectionate in public. Yesterday we spoke throughout the day like normal. He even sent a "good morning oops afternoon" text AFTER I left his place yesterday morning. We spoke like normal last night about our day before saying goodnight. This morning I texted good morning like usual and he completely ignored me. That was hours ago. I never drag out a conversation in the morning so it can't be that. He's been responding a lot on the groupchats we're both on (for a gaming group) so he's not busy with work. He has never gone more than an hour without replying to me. Even if he didn't see my message, he would have initiated by now. Why would someone do that? Is it a test to see if I'll freak out? Sudden loss of interest? Isn't it a little rude? We haven't talked about being official yet and he's not seeing anyone else. If he never responds before the group event I'm attending of his tonight , what might be the best way to react?


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  • You are overreacting. He has not failed you because he missed one text and did not respond. You must not assume anything drastic since the track record is good but if it bothers you so much you need to relax; there will be days in the future where you too will not be wanting or able to converse.


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  • Guys typically don't like texting. I am going through this now but I haven't heard from my guy in a week. This doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you but keeping back to back texting gets to be a lot and they come to realize this after the fist few exciting weeks. My biggest advice would be to let him have the space he is indirectly asking for. He will find it more attractive and he'll start initiating convo more often. Just don't continue texting until he does. Good luck!

    • ^ I have to agree with this. I will go on spurts where I will text back immediately back and forth the whole day, but then the next day I won't even pick up my phone, let alone answer a text. Don't pay too much attention to it, I'm sure it's fine.

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