No contact with girl for nearly 3 days, how to proceed?

I have been dating a girl, we had a few dates, then called it off because of the distance. when it was off, she text me none stop every day. We met back up and had a good time. the next couple of weeks she texted a lot, always her initiating the conversation.

I asked her if she wanted to meet recently, she said she was tired, I got a bit pissy with her and it didn't go down well. She didn't reschedule afterwards.

Later, I apologised and we made up.
She initiated the conversation for the next couple of chats, but they were quite boring and I didn't want to keep it going, so I stopped asking her questions. I didn't ignore a question from her or anything, just didn't keep the conversation going. I felt that she didn't want to really talk either which was odd after she started talking to me.

In one of the conversations we had, I mentioned me going to see her again but she didn't want me to see her that week.

She hasn't initiated any conversation for the rest of the week, nearly 3 days now. I haven't contacted her either, as I feel she knows I am interested. Its her that didn't want to meet up.

I really like her, and want to see her, but unsure of how to proceed. I can't ask her out three times In a row without coming across needy.

Should I text her, or wait for her to chase me?


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  • Well, I'm going to say you made a few mistakes: first of all, getting pissy with a girl when she doesn't want to see you due to what she feels is a legitimate reason might have made her felt that you were being selfish - now, she may have forgiven you, but in the early stages of trying to get a relationship going, it's natural for people to take every little aspect into consideration. The whole incident with not putting effort into the text message conversation may have also triggered something as well, because just as you felt SHE wasn't interested, she likely felt that you weren't either. Now, while she obviously didn't perform perfectly either, she likely feels like you have more strikes against you than you have things going on that she likes: throw in the distance issue, and it might not seem worth her time anymore. If you like this girl, put in the effort and you should receive that effort back.

    Oh another thing: Never play the kinds of games where you try to make anyone chase you or you chase anyone. Talk to her like a person and keep the games out of it, it'll inspire her to do the same.


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  • Ask her out again, and say this is the third time when you do it. Put it teasingly, if she shoots you down after that I'd say walk away and wait for her to contact you again. She may have something else going on.


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