Is this made to be completely platonic? How to know if it's safe to give it a try to go from friends to something else with out ruining it?

Hello all, first I am not sure if this lands on dating, flirting or something else.

I met this girl weeks ago at an event and there was something different (or she was just very polite?), I'm usually oblivious to this type of things but that night by chance she talked alone with my father for probably 30 minutes and he told me afterwards "that girl talked a lot about you". Now we are actually volunteering together as a team of two. Also, we go together to places, out for dinner (with the unofficial but obvious stance that I'm inviting her, if that makes any sense). People have asked me behind her back if she is my girlfriend which I respond honestly (no).

I do give her compliments in person and through text, sometimes in another language which she usually asks me what it means and then smiles about.

Which reminds me, speaking of languages, she asked me in our language "to say I love you in this other language, do you say... or?" People do say I'm very oblivious at catching hints from girls so just wondering if that could mean anything.

Something kind of weird is that she just learned my age. Physically, people guess I'm 21-22. She's 20 and I'll turn 30 soon. She said she was confused about my age and was under the impression I was much older because of "being knowledgeable of so many things". But I don't know how or if that helps, I'm still 10 years older though I had forgot age gaps are often seen "normal-ish" among us (we are both from Europe, same hometown, I have been in the US for quite a bit and she'll be here for at least 4 years).

Her and I are joining a marathon soon and tomorrow I'm picking her up to go bicycling somewhere.

What do you think?
Thank you :)


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  • From the sounds of it she likes you. I know im younger than her but us girls know how to get a guys attention. Don't worry, im 99 per cent sure she likes you. Especially when she is trying to get you to admit that you are sending compliments in 'another language'. Just ask her if she is single. To a girl, this is telling her you are interested. Ask her to a nice restaurant or cinemas. This will work. Besides, there's no guarantee that you will live to see tomorrow. Make sure she knows. Hope I helped..

    • Thank you for the upbeat comment. Funny thing is that, cinemas [✓] nice restaurants [✓]
      But I thought I better let it go.

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