Feminist - Girls, are you one? Guys, would you marry one?

Girls, are you a hardcore Feminist or do you have more a traditional feminine mindset of gender roles? Guys, do you prefer a woman with traditional feminine mindset or a Feminist mindset for a partner?

  • I am a Feminist, or, I want to marry one
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Meh, seems like mot many people are Feminists anyway. A UK article also said that is was considered old fashioned by young women.



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  • I had never really heard of feminism until like a year ago. Anytime I heard the name I thought it meant equality for women. But as I've come heard more and more, I've come to hate it. These women have problems. They don't want equality, they fucking hate men. Whatever did I do to them? I don't know.
    With all that said, I prefer women who don't feel inferior to men, but I hate women who think they need to constantly remind me that they're not inferior. I never said they were or acted like that. I don't like women who think they are being superheroes by furiously supporting feminism. The hard part is over, genders are pretty much equal (in the US at least). I'm not saying there's nothing to be fixed, but now women have just as much problems as men do. The words like "patriarchy" "misogyny" "street harassment" are stupid.

    I would never marry a girl who has this kind of attitude :

    • Thanks for MHO. :)

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  • Feminism was not intended as a male hatred/bashing/domination group. It was intended to give women equal rights to choose their futures and have political and economic equality with men. You can be a feminist and choose to work in the home, be a housewife, and do nothing but wear heels, dresses, and bake pies all day.

    Feminism just gives you the right to choose not to do that. Before feminism, women didn't have a choice. That's all feminism is. The movement to give women equality in politics, economics, and society. With the feminist movement, it gives women the right to choose what life they want for themselves. It, at its genuine core, is not a movement about female domination - despite what you may wish to or choose to believe.

    It also is working to relieve the social pressures on men to go and get a job and "be a man" and it is working to get rid of the body image issues generated by the media toward young boys as well (ripped men, unrealistic body images in movies, etc.).

    And yes, I am am a feminist. But not in the media crazed definition. I am one in the original sense. And I believe that we are very close, if not at, the place where we need to be. But until every country in the world has total equality among the sexes, I'm afraid feminism is going to stick around.

    It is only called feminism because it was the female lead movement to raise females to the equal societal power as men. That's literally the only reason. If men were the second class citizens it'd probably be called the masculine movement. It has nothing to do with domination.

    And my boyfriend loves being with me, just in case you were curious.

    • I told my son to stay away from feminists as the divorce rate is so high it just seems likely that they would push the divorce button that much sooner. White women divorce more than anyone else so why add another risk factor to it is the thought.

    • Femimists, I'd argue, make much better wives. Much more likely to pull their own weight, put in the effort to maintain a marriage, and be a partner in it. I'd argue that feminists know whether they're the marrying type and those that are would be that much more determined to make the marriage work. And those that aren't would know better than to get married in the first place.

  • a femenist? hahaha jesus fucking christ no. Absolutly not. i want equality. and being a femenist in todays society is not about that. its about being a fat cunt who takes every oppertunity they can to yell at any guy they see that they should stop opressing them. :)

  • I personally don't like gender roles or that traditional lifestyle for MYSELF. Now, if another woman preferred that, coolio, it's her choice.
    Not really a feminist, I just don't think women should be forced to housewife nor that men should be forced to work. If they CHOOSE to, fine. But it shouldn't be decided just because of the gender they were born.

  • I am a feminist. And I agree wholeheartedly with everything @Prettygurl12 wrote. I really don't have anything to add to that.

  • I'm a feminist. I don't know what a "hardcore" feminist means haha but I believe that everyone's equal. You need to define "gender roles" for me to be able to answer that question. My boyfriend would probably marry one since he's also a feminist :)

    • I spoke to feminist online this week. I thought she was pretty hardcore meaning that she wanted an equal say in everything. I told her that in my marriage I take care of things like what car to buy and my wife takes car of other areas such as decisions regarding the kids. It just seems to be an effective division of labor and plays to each other's strengths as for instance I have torn cars apart and have a lot of knowledge. But this person wanted a full say in everything including things she knew less about. It just seems silly to have everyone make every decision.

    • I believe in the individual. If you and your wife are both satisfied with this I don't see any problem with it. But if there's a family where the man would rather make decisions regarding the children and the woman knows a lot about cars I don't see anything wrong with that either. People should be able to be who they want to be and do what they want to do regardless gender. I don't have any problem with there being femininity and masculinity in the world though, I just don't want one word to have more value than the other :)

    • My word means more in some situations in my marriage and my wife's more in other situations. I would argue that the kids are more important than the cars and I am okay with that. When we married we changed from me to we, but we don't make every decision equally because it just seems silly. Owning a restaurants someone needs to run the kitchen and someone the front of the house. But the person that I spoke to this week just seemed to be a feminazi. Ridiculous.

  • I strive for equality, no more. I am just as smart and capable as any other man. So whether one would call that a feminist I don't know...

  • You can be a feminist and believe in traditional gender roles.

    • The reason I posted this is that a women told me on GaG that that was not the case. She didn't believe in that at all.

  • Yup, I cosign that you can be a feminist and believe in traditional gender roles, BUT as a feminist you believe that people should have the CHOICE to either be in a "traditional" relationship or not.

    As a feminist I believe that it's up to the couple. It's not my place to tell individuals what they can and cannot do in their relationships. My goal is to open up more options for what people can do.

    If a guy wants to be a stay at home dad and take care of the kids? Ok, that's cool, but a woman does NOT have the right to tell a guy he has to stay at home with his kids. If a woman wants to be a stay at home mom and take care of the kids? Ok, that's cool, but a man does NOT have the right to tell a woman she has to stay at home.
    If you were born a biological male and don't wanna be one? Ok, that's fine, but nobody has the right to tell you what you can and can't do with your own body.

    I don't see how this concept is seen as "hardcore". You can't tell other people what to do with their bodies. That's basic.


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  • would I marry one? sure. I fell in love with the girl, not the feminist.

  • As long as she is not a sexist misandrist but actually a supporter of gender equality, and someone who is a supporter of the erasure of gender roles and gender stereotypes, I am perfectly content, in fact possibly optimal. Voted A).

  • I like to dominate my girls.

    So my answer is... Hell. NO.

  • She can call herself whatever she wants. What she actually believes is what I'll be considering. I like feminine girls.

  • Neither of your poll options fit me. I would never marry a feminist because I know what feminists do, which is in contrast to what they say they are about. I have known enough of them in my life to be sure that marrying one would be a pretty certain road to misery. Not a wise decision.

    • I can see that. My son feels the same way but he is starting to see that there are still some women out here worth getting married to. In the UK the girls think feminism is old fashioned. Guess I didn't see gnat one coming.

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    • Yeah it looks like 9% are hardcore and 13% support accord into the link I added.. The rest aren't into it. Young men are confused today because of it.

    • Ah, I missed your link. That's an encouraging report.