Should I give him space or is he wondering what I want?

There's this guy i've been seeing for a few weeks now and he told me (drunk) he liked me, since then we've been hanging out and kissing and stuff.

Last time we were at the same place, and i hadn't seen him, just said goodbye and one of his friends was teasing me in front of him to kiss him, i walked away.

He saw me talking to other guys (who are just friends).

We texted but he seems to be acting distant (?)

I DONT GET IT? Any idea what's going on?


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  • The odds are good that he's feeling jealous. And that's not a good thing.

    If you seek his approval by chasing him down and asking him what's wrong then you're only going to be teaching him that it's okay for him to be jealous of other guys in your life... and that's not a good thing.

    Even if he was your full-time boyfriend he shouldn't be acting distant because you have other friends.

    If he's really unsure of the relationship he should be asking you about it, instead of pulling away like a hurt baby.

    Give him space. Give him the gift of missing you.

    With time he'll likely relax and come back looking for more.

    The real question is, what do you want from him and this new relationship you have with him. Do you want more? Or is friends with benefits going to be cool for now?

    Keep yourself safe, and happy!


    ~ Robby

    • Well i hope he's still into this..
      At first I didn't really know what i wanted but now i'm pretty sure I'd like to be with him. Which is why I don't know if he's insecure about this and if I should be the one talking first or vice-versa.
      This is messing up my mind!!

    • I feel like it's okay to reach out when you want to know where you stand with someone as long as you do it from a place of happiness and abundance. Because if you lie to yourself into thinking that love is scarce, and that he's your last chance, then you're going to act needy and desperate and it'll push him away.

      Know what I mean? :D

    • I do get what you mean, will see what happens tomorrow acting like that,

      Thaaaaaanks :D

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  • "just friends", eh?


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