He seems like a good, genuine guy but could I just be blinded by his charm?

So there's a guy I've been talking to. Hanging out with, cuddling and kissing. No sex yet, because I'm worried that his intentions aren't sincere. He says he likes me, and acts like it by the way he treats me. He's really nice and kind overall, unless he's joking or something. But I see all of these likes and comments on girls pictures on Facebook. He just commented on a butt photo that some girl posted at the beach. He said on the comment that, 'just liking wouldn't explain how much he liked the photo.'.. or something along those lines. And it was an old photo at that.

I'm just really confused. To me it sounds like he's a sexual kind of guy, providing that he has had about 15 partners. I'm very skeptical now and I'm even considering not talking to him as much anymore. What do you think?


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  • It would be in your best interest to not bother with someone of his caliber. If you find yourself concerned this early on presuming his actions are recent then you'll only sign up for paranoia.


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  • 15 partners is a red flag as well as posting about the butt photo.

    • Yeah :/ I guess it's best I don't talk to him anymore.

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    • Yeah haha we were drunk when he told me I think, then he asked my number the next day and I've had wayy less sexual partners.

    • ahh that explains it then lol

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