Is knowing a girl that you like/secretly have a crush on for more than 2 months without giving her a single compliment of her beautiful looks and?

personality the worst mistake I've ever made?

There's this girl that I really really like and I've only known her for more than 2 months. The only few compliments that I've given to her was that she was a great listener and that she's a really down-to-earth person to hang around with. That's about it. I was too reluctant to tell her how beautiful she was inside and out because I think it'll weird her out as she probably only sees me as a just a new friend to her and the fact that she's always such a super busy person with her college classes, work and her family. Therefore, I didn't want to stress her out anymore with not only my bottled up compliments but my bottled up feelings towards her. I honestly think she's one of the great ones for me if you know what I mean.

Do you think this is the worst mistake I've ever made with a woman?


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  • No there are worse obes try a nd help her out and let her get to know you more then show how u feel lol it sounds like oove at first sight hope it works out ;)


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  • No, this is not your 'worst' mistake, unless you keep repeating the same mistake with every woman you come across from now on.

    It only takes days for women to friendzone men. You didn't have to be cocky or anything, but a bit of subtle flirting would have helped. Most likely, she has already buried you too deep in the dreaded frindzone by now. But you might still consider taking a chance and confessing to her. Just go ahead and hit her with your confession point blank, when she least expects it. This might trigger a spark within her and make her let you out of the friendzone.

    • The thing is though, she's such a very busy person so I assumed that she's too busy to even have a boyfriend at the moment. Not only that, I prefer to tell her how I truly feel about her deeply somewhere private, where her friends aren't around and that we're off college campus. This is only part of what made it very difficult for me.

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    • Yeah, I'll give it a shot when it's the best time. BTW, me and her are of different ethnic groups/race so that's another very small part that sorta held me back since she's Asian and I don't know if her family is one of those typical anti-interracial Asian families.

    • That's very much a possibility. But if she wouldn't want to date you just because you're of a different race, then she really isn't the right woman for you. Since she is an adult, this 'family issues' are quite irrelevant and are often just excuses used by people who themselves don't want to date outside their race.