He canceled plans tonight because he wanted time to himself, but we've only been dating a month and it's been a week since I saw him. What's the deal?

It's Friday we had plans to see a movie. He canceled at 5 pm cus he wants "alone time". I got upset because he canceled last minute we argued a bit and haven't spoken since.
I really don't want to get into another crappy relationship. If he's starting to act like this now won't it get worse?

Why do you think he canceled?


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  • It's hard to imagine why he cancelled. I agree with you the "alone time" is bullshit. Usually you are breaking your back to see your significant other. If that is his way of saying tired from a long work week then maybe I understand but honestly I think he found something better to do that is more appealing than watching a movie with you or just feeling lazy and don't think your worth much to spend time with and just wanted to call it a day. Either way I understand why you'd be pissed. Doesn't seem like a good way to start a month long relationship though.

    • Thanks
      I tried talking to him about it but now he's mad at me
      I don't know what to do. It seems like he's lost interest... I guess I have to cut my losses and let it go

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  • Maybe he had a really shitty week at work?

  • His friends probably came up with something cooler to do so he went and did that instead. Any sports events on that night?

  • Move on, if he isn't putting in the effort find someone who will.


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