Is it too early to kiss her spontaneously (Girls opinions only please)?

Ok so this chick at my school started selling me weed and we have smoked a few times together. We both ride the same bus once a week on our way home from school. She actually gave me a sack of weed for free the first time we rode the bus together. Anyways so I've been charming and all that and she seems to be responding well to my flirting advances. I'm pretty sure she likes me. A few days ago we hugged for the first time, nothing special. Next week I was thinking when I hug her goodbye that would be the perfect time to get a sneaky cheek kiss in. My only concern is I think I'm trying to move forward a bit quickly. If it makes any difference she's Mexican and I'm white. Ok and then another question is if this coming week would be too fast what about next week haha. Right before the Thanksgiving holiday would be kinda special I don't know what do you think?

By the way I've only known her for like a month an a half... That probably makes a big difference but I figured her clues were more important then the actual time we've known each other. So since we have only hugged once it's probably way too soon to start sneaking kisses in huh? Ok and then one more question. If it is too soon to kiss her, is it too soon to try and ask her if she wants to grab a cup of coffee on the way home? Probably not is what I'm thinking, and in which case if I do buy her a cup of coffee that could be an appropriate day to sneak in a kiss too huh? Or am I all fucked up taking things too fast?

I'm not inexperienced but all the girls I have been with were fast and easy haha, I've never taken any relationship slowly before, it's pretty much been once I play my guitar they get naked and we fuck... End of story.


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  • Seems like a good time to do it, to me. The cheek kiss is ok. If you're worried about going to fast, then wait some more time to try to kiss her on the lips but the cheek one is fine.

    • Even though we have only hugged once? Another thing I might add is she mentioned she doesn't have a boyfriend in casual conversation. It's not like she just went and said hey I don't have a boyfriend, it just came up

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    • Good luck!

    • Thank you

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  • If you want a relationship with her, get to know her as a person. Not just her when she's high or just so y'all can frickle frackle.

  • Wow. You both sound like real winners.

    • Thanks, I wasn't asking for your opinion on whether marijuana use is moral or not. I would appreciate it if you kept your comments to yourself. We are still people and it's just as wrong to judge someone for smoking weed as it is to judge someone for being gay. Why don't you go judge yourself because I'm gonna be myself regardless of how you or anyone else feels about the situation. So fuck off.

    • I like how mature you sounded with your response. -_-
      Getting high is dumb in my opinion. I don't see how it helps you accomplish anything of real use in the world. I don't know why you even brought up people judging someone for being gay. That's a different convo for a different time. Stick to the point at hand.

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  • Nope my opinion is take her to a coffee shop
    You can flirt there
    Then ask her out
    Then if she likes you can kiss

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