Did I screw up with this girl?

So there's this girl named Jocelyn that I like and she has been talking about me to her friends for a couple of weeks and she likes me a lot and I like her back so we started hanging out more and yadda yadda yadda. So anyways today she's going to a retreat for church and we are hitting it off great at school today little did I know she would text me at 4 later on and my phone would be dead because me and my brother share a charger and he took it from me (Fuck u bro) and she texted where do we stand? Since we were holding hands today.. and I guess she thought I was ignoring her cuz the following text said "Did I do something wrong or? And her friend tells me to make a move on her already little did she know me and her already scheduled a date for Thursday so yea I basically did. And so at the retreat they can't have their phones and she'll be there until Monday. So basically her whole weekend will revolve around whether Im ignoring her or not and she'll think im some sort of asshole. God im such an idiot and if ur thinkin "well hey why didn't u take ur brothers charger back when he was done" well I would if he didn't sleep over my aunts which is a couple of hours away and he's working on a job so he basically forcefully took it and said fuck u. (Sigh) I really hope I didn't screw up with this girl she seems really into me in fact her friends say im all she ever talks about but who knows? Maybe she hates me god I feel like an idiot. So what do u think?

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  • Yeah she'll be thinking about it all weekend, but if you tell her why you didn't text her back she'll understand and get over it. Just don't let it happen again and tell her how you feel


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  • This is awesome for you.
    She's just going to be thinking about what she did wrong all weekend. She'll be more into you.
    Once she's back, explain what happened, but do NOT sound apologetic or desperate.

    • Why dont I want to sound apologetic? I dont want to come off as a complete douche

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    • Alright thanks

    • Good luck bud.