How to deal with his ex girlfriend?

I'm wondering how in the world I should deal with my boyfriend's ex girlfriend

Her and I were Facebook friends while him and her were dating. He's been my best friend since we were 12. While him and her were dating, I'd kinda be a peer mediator , and a listening ear. They dated for 3 years, and were. pretty close.

He has harbored a crush on me since we met, and we started dating this week

When they broke up, she told me some pretty horrible things about him, like he was verbally abusive and mean to her. I didn't really believe anything she told me, because that just didn't sound like my friend, now boyfriend. I'd still sit as a listening ear to her though, being as neutral as possible.

He never really said anything bad about her

Once him and I started dating, I told him all she's been telling me , because I felt he had the right to know

When him and I started dating earlier this week, she started messaging me, saying I didn't need to be in competition with her, that his heart still belongs to her and stuff along those lines. She also said he never actually had a crush on me, which I kNew was wrong. I told my boyfriend what she said then too.

Mind you, SHE ended their relationship

He tried to talk to her about that. She then proceeded to chew me out and harrass me on Facebook. She called me a fake friend, insecure and a liar. She told me I lied to ny boyfriend, amd that I could never get between her and him. When I tried to apologize, saYing possibly I misunderstood something she said ( which is honestly possible) she said I was lying
When I tried to get ahold of mt boyfriend, she told me to stop calling him , to stop messaging him, and to leave him alone. She said she'd tell me when I could message him, that she was calming him down, and that I'm causing drama.

A little after this, I blocked her.

How do I deal with this situation? I'm kinda planning on just never mentioning her again

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  • I think she should back off
    She had her chance and she blew it lucky for u I guess


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  • Well you have an option like "kill her"...

    ... how could I not?

  • You clearly know him better than her xD


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  • Haha "kill her". She sounds like a psyco. If she broke up with him she should back off because she let him free and now you have him. Her loss. Don't pay any attention to what she says, she's just trying to ruin your relationship. Try not to bring her up to your boyfriend too much unless she does something really crazy and block her everywhere