He's never complimented me or even flirted with me as such?

I'm used to guys flirting or complimenting me to get my attention. I recently met a guy and the way he approached me was unusual. I wasn't sure if he was just striking up conversation to be nice or trying to chat me up. After an exchange of a few words he asked for my number and I gave it to him.

A couple hours later he texted me and we speak almost everyday. We went out for drinks last week, there was no flirting really. I mean he did have to help me with a game of pool so it may have looked like I was pretending I couldn't play (I'm honestly no good). But other than that there were no major signs he was interested. He was asking about my past relationships here and there though.

We've spoken about going out again and we talk like we've been friends for years on end. Oh but the other day he did make a joke about not being sure if he liked me yet. It's still early days so obviously there is no need to ask certain questions. I'm just used to being complimented etc which I get from other guys. I guess everyone is different.

I will say that he has been so straight forward with everything. He calls when he says he will and sticks to his word.

It shouldn't be an issue right? I'm not one to be smothered with affection etc I just pretty much thought this was the norm. Anyone else been in a similar situation?


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  • Compliments are easy to dish out. If you are lucky you, got a man that will show you his affection in more meaningful ways. I would still ask him about it, "so... How come you never compliment me?" That's all it takes. See his answer, if it sounds genuine and is sweet, you of yourself a keeper! If not, maybe he's just kind of unaware.

    • Thank you! I never thought of it like that. He complimented me yesterday without me having to mention it, so I guess he one of those people that doesn't just dish out compliments after all!

    • I feel compliments are the lazy mans way, not that compliments shouldn't be made... But they should't be the main source of care and affection.

    • Glad you are happier now!

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  • He's just approaching you a different way, don't overthink it.

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