Ok is it better to go for the direct aproach?

She says more than once that she really likes me, and she is the type of person, if you give her an ultimatum she most likely says yes to whatever you ask her. but she is one confused individual, 4 days ago she was still pregnant from our child, she had a misscariage, and yesterday some other ''friend'' came over to her place, and i asked her, listen are you going to kiss with ths guy, and go even further, than she simply said, yes, so what... and she got really angry, wtf , i went to her uncle and aunt, who told me she is just wrong for doing things like this. im growing sick and tired of this BULLSHIT, she even dared to get angry with me. im thinking about dropping by, and give her a piece of my mind, and at the end, asking her if she wants to be in a relationship with me. because i can't take this anymore, how in righteous mind can she even think its ok to hang around with others like that, and also hanging around with me


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  • She's been through a lot recently and you shouldn't pressure her about her feelings right now. She's probably just angry at the world.

    Just be kind to her, regardless of what she says. I'm not a doctor, but I doubt that she's going to be screwing guys 4 days after a miscarriage... I think she's in a lot of pain!

    • you are right and i didn't ask her that question, she was laying in her bed, and her daughter asked me to come over to sit with her mother on her bed. she was very tired, and i told her, im gonna do some drawing with your daughter, you take a little nap. than later in the evening, we sat on the couch, all 3 of us, and she was watching a video, with baby pictures in it, and there was this sad music, she was crying, her daughter as well. later she layed her head on my lap, and she was just tired, she does want a child, i asked her, do you want it to be me who you get the child from , she said it didn't matter, i told her , we can try again and she agreed. but she was really tired, so today im going by, telling her i do want a child with her, and she has to make the commitment not to have sexual intercouse with anyone but me, i make her that same promise, i want a child with , i love her to death.

    • Indulge her and don';t get in arguments at this time! Just be there and try to console her.
      This won't be a pleasant time for either of you...

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  • She had a miscarriage for god's sake. She's hurting and grieving and probably acting out. Don't judge her just offer support.

    • acting out, she should be with me, not some random person, who only is interested in one thing, she almost had a child with me, what deeper connection does she want, im gonna ask her today, and tell her, that im sick and tired of it, hearing how she is kissing other men as well, im grieving to, ok, she either is my gf , or i leave this fucking dumb place, i have a job, my own place, im always nice to her, i dont deserve to sit at home, knowing she is making out probably with some other. can you understand that it hurts me a lot, 3 days ago she was still the mother of my child

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    • Firstly being pregnant is difficult enough with the hormones etc, and secondly she ia processing a miscarriage. She doesn't have to be consistant for your convienence. You need to get off your high horse. If you love her then stop judging her and calling her selfish or whatever, just be a decent man and offer support. If you aren't in a relationship then she can do whatever she wants, but I guarantee you won't have a chance at getting her back if you get all snarky and agressive with her or tell her to "sort herself out".

    • well but there is a time she should realize that im a great guy and if she wants a chance on a normall life, its time to stop playing these games, im almost 27, i want my own family , and i love this girl but she needs to stop this, she just almost had the biggest commitment she ever had with me, having a child of someone, if that doesn't count for anything, than she no life morals.

  • yes the direct approach is better

    • i will im tired of this, i find it irrespnsbile, selfish, i feel sorry for her kid as well, her uncle and aunt like me a lot

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  • If you aren't her boyfriend or husband, it is none of your business who she has sexual encounters with, and you acted way out of line. She is also extra fragile right now. You should be understanding as the father too. If you are her boyfriend or husband, then she is only a little out of line, at least she was honest with you. You seem to have anger issues either way.

    • she has a 7 yo daughter, she is still seeing the doctor because she had a misscariage, how in the hell can you even think about kissing other guys as well, while kissing me on that same day, am i not good enough or what, she almost had a child from me, for gods sake, i want her to be my girlfriend, her behaviour is very damaging , she sees multiple men at once, wtf ,

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    • wtf, are you crazy, i dont want to share the girl i love with other men... STD's, the child has no father figure in her life, omfg, i am going crazy

    • In the end, you can ask her to be exclusive with you, but that choice is hers, you can't make it for her. If she doesn't want to be exclusive with you, you should just move on, rather than try and cope with the pain she is causing you. If she does, that is great. But I sense you will have serious trust problems and jealousy issues. So maybe you need to work on that.

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