I broke up w my short term bf. but I want him back?

I know 3months is nothing. I dated this guy for about 3months he basically looked up to me in many ways., interagency, financials and personality way. out relationship went great but the thing was even I was pretty much happy being w him I wasn't sure if he was the one. I am from big city and he's a country boy everything i do he thought interesting and greatful. I was basically interesting girl he ever met in his entire life. after few months I kinda got bored of him I felt like he wasn't good enough for me so I ended up w him. He didn't even ask me why? He's kinda guy never ask anything he wonders but try to understand in each situations that's actually what I liked about him he was deffrent from any other guy I dated before. when I asked him you don't even wanna know why I am breaking up w you then he said he's wondering but I already made my mind so he won't ask. so we broke up. That's how we ended. After few weeks I regret what I did and started to missing him we met up I said sorry I was wrong I want start over and he said no. he said he was way too disappointed on me and he only wants to be friends. But then he said maybe sometime soon or later I ll feel for you again but not now. I said if it's not now it's never.. I know I was an idiot. Anyways then there's a new girl came in the picture. She's tote different from me. I am very bossy (in a good way), independent, strong but soft in side she's got a teary eyes, not opinioned, kinda dumb (not being a bitch but everyone at work talks about how dumb she is) treat him like she is his made. She does everything he says so. Even some says he acts different from how he treated me. He's kinda rude to her but she still just happy being around him. the thing is he knows she's not the good one. No body likes her not just because she's dumb but she lies all the times, manipulate people, not a hard worker when she made mistakes never say srry she just say I didn't do it :/ and he knows that.

What I am wondering is why would he even go for those kinda girl? And why he look down her if he found new lover? Does he even like her? Is he dating her just because she's too easy to him? Cause I wasn't that easy to him? when we were together he look up to me and people around us knew how he honor me and never treat badly.. I am just wondering what's he's up to with that girl?


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  • then ya try to get him back

    • would he come back to me tho? do you think as man he cares of her based on how he act to her?

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    • I know it seems stupid but what should I sms him tho?

    • " do you want a friendly date " <3 "

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  • Listen to this album and then go get him back if you really want/love him:


    Otherwise, move on. Life is too fucking short to dwell on what could be.

  • There's no such thing as very bossy in a good way. You lost him live with it.

    • I meant bossy means by I am confident, strong, generally leader at any group not trying to be people just follow me and wants to be around me I am never rude and he knows it and he liked about me that

    • You're a Leader then not bossy that is a negative term.

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  • deal wiith it he is gone once you lose someone it is better to just move on