I met a nice girl but still mad at my ex gf?

I met a nice girl it's been great she's something I always wanted. She's sweet and gentle. I have been the best time w her past few months but I still can't get rid of the anger of my ex gf. I loved my ex so much my ex isn't anything like the girl I am dating right now. she's strong and very independent I felt almost like she doesn't need me. She's okay not being around me but when we were together it's always the best it's something I don't have it with my current gf. I wanted to do anything for my ex she's very smart, intelligent, very cultured I never thought I'd meet someone like her. She was very new to me in every ways. She's the girl every guys wants to be with and she knows that but she doesn't lid anyone on. She's very straight but not rude. Everyone look up to her she's a charismatic naturally a leader people wants to be like her. She wasn't just nice to guys she also have lots of girl friends. I was like the lucky one she picked me out of many guys. She loved me so much but all of sudden she broke up w me. I was angry and sad. but then she wanted to me back few weeks after the break up. I said I wasn't ready for second chance but I was willing to be with her again in a near future but she didn't want to wait. So we ended like that. She seemed fine without me but few times she called me and begged me for take her back I was just annoyed about her behaviour she didn't stop doing that. It was a hard time and I was even getting so mad at her doing that. Then I met my current gf. At work which my gf, my ex and I are co worker. I am in a different office. My ex is my gf's supervisor my ex asked me to not date someone we both know and I agreed but my current gf came close to me and now even my ex hated we are secretly dating my ex asked me if we are dating and I said I am not. i am still lying to her that I am not but I am sure she knows I am dating her co worker. my gf told me my ex is giving hard time to my gf. I got mad in my ex. I felt bad for my gf.

i told my ex to stay away from me and my gf but still denied our secret relationship. it seemed my ex was getting jealousy over my new gf but I found out my ex didn't do anything to my gf. It was all my gf's scams to get me cause she knew from the begging me and my ex were trying to work things out my gf was new to work by that time. but thee thing is my ex was kinda crazy indeed she was saying bad about my gf what she did and what she lied which was truth.
but the thing is even my gf is sleezy and not the girl who I thought she was she's nice to me she treats me like I am the king. She's not the most popural girl like my ex. I don't care what she did to me or my ex to have me. I thought it's just that's how much she wants me. Now I am starting to curious am I wrong? Is it wrong concept of love? Am I not in love w gf? am I just love the idea of being loved? if I love my gf why do I still mad at my ex?


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  • you ex is crazy some point but I think you gf is even worst than your ex. I don't think you should have lied to you ex about you and your gf. and when you agreed on not dating someone you both know she probably was saying no to many guys as you mentioned that she's the girl every man wants to be with. Since your break up was opened to anyone I assumed she had many guys asking her out but didn't want any drama so she was asking you to do the same thing for her. You're the one who broke the promise not her. your gf is pretty much what every girls would hate but it's up to you either be with her or not but I think you owe an apology to your ex for sure.

  • Talk to your ex and make it clear to her that it's not her business who you date or who not and make it clear to her that she need to stop giving your gf hard time. be strong dude and make it so clear to her

    • my ex never gave hard time to my gf. It was all lies from my gf to making me hate my ex. And should I feel bad about dating a girl who works w my ex? I hear things from other peeps my gf isn't a great at work she never do her job well even ex cause on her own fault and never say srry to anyone. I don't think my gf is someone I thought she was. None of her co worker likes my gf. I thought it was just because everyone loves my ex.

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    • so should I leave her? Should I apologise to my ex?

    • @Asker you should apology to your ex because of your gf behave you ex did quiet her job and did made your ex have a hard time and you need to talk with your gf give her last chance and see what will happen if you find out anything else in that time break up with her.