My guys is loosing his friends because of me?

My bf I heard used to have lots of people around him and look up to him. Everyone who he works with liked him specially when him and he's ex was together they both well loved by anyone they knows. They broke up then I came into the picture his ex was awful she broke up w him but then she wanted him back. he's a nice I felt bad for him and I actually had good feeling forward to him but I knew he had no interested in me. His ex maybe is a bitch and controlling but she's extreamly sexy and trendy. Also super smart. I am just an average girl I used some situations to get an attention from my bf. I acted like his ex hated me and giving me hard time he believed me he eventualy hated her and now he's pretty much in love w me. he still hate her. I won but the thing is because he was too protecting me from anyone hating me he lost a lot of friends i wounds know he had many friends but everyone told me he seemed different in a bad ways. he acts like he doesn't give a damn about anyone and only cares about me. He doesn't look so happy in his general life. he's happy with me tho. he hates everyone and being rude cause he thinks people take his ex's side and not mine. I am happy that he got my back but should I not care of loosing his friends and let them hate him? Is it the love he's got for me? Does that mean he loves me that much? People says he was a nicest guy when he was around his ex. Am I a bad for him?


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  • You acting like his ex gave you a hard time was not 100% honest and that's not a good way to start a relationship.

    That being said if you two are happy to hell with what anyone else thinks. Don't make choices based on what makes others happy, make choices based on what you want and what is right for you.

    If you are happy together, you are right for him.


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