Does he still have feelings for me? Please help with thie guy?

A few months ago my guy friend confessed he had feelings for me but knew nothing could ever come out of them because he was afraid of ruining the friendship. Months later he is being affectionate with me. We hug a lot and he would kiss my forehead and nudge me pkayfully. Does he still have feelings or a crush? Other signs he will hug me tightly sometimes.


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  • He still has feelings for you and has already explained why he doesn't want to go through with them. Guys value their friendships with girls and in many cases won't risk it over a relationship. Girls on the other hand would risk friendship with someone because they think/or have feelings for him and want a relationship. different priorities.
    He's happy to have you as a friend but he still has to struggle with dampening his feelings and once in a while, it will slip out. example "he would kiss my forehead" "hug me tightly".

    • Thats actually really good advice but the other day he was very affectionate with me. He would hug me when he got the chance and would kiss my forehead several times.

    • can't control how much comes out or when. or maybe he's trying to nudge you into a friends with benefits relationship...

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