If a guy keeps rescheduling, is he interested?

If a guy keeps having to reschedule meeting up with you are they interested? He's renovating his house and was living in a tent in his back yard. The tent was leaking (I know cause i saw myself) one day it was really rainy and the whole thing leaked so he had to deal with that mess. Then his sister showed up from out of town and had a family dinner he had to go to. Niw he's sick, was i his tent in rain and yhen snow. They are legitimate rescheduling it seems. It's getting annoying and I was wondering if I should just drop it.


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  • He seems to have a lot going on, why don't you tag along with him one day. either hang with him in the leaky tent with him sometime, or if he's renovating his house by himself, you can offer to help out...
    If he doesn't seem to have time to come to you, you should go to him. also bring some soup for whatever sickness he's got, but thats just extra.

  • Rescheduling for what? A date? Some guys are interested but dont like the idea of dating. My fiance and I never went on a "date". She always asked me to do stuff like go to the movies or dinner but I always denied it back then.


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