CHRISTIAN GUYS what is your opinion on the qualities a Godly girl should have?

I'm a teenage Christian girl and right now I've been focusing on getting closer with Jesus and just putting him as number one in my life. I've made the choice to stay pure because I would like to have my husband be the first and only person that I am ever with. Anyways, I realize that i must first be in a relationship with Jesus first before I can bring a guy into my life. So Christian guys, what are qualities that a Godly girl should have, or what are attributes that attract you to a potential wife/girlfriend?


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  • That sounds amazing how you've made that decision to turn to God!!!
    I'm a Christian guy who is looking for a Christian girl.
    I kind of follow this as a guideline:
    - No sexual activity whatsoever until married.
    - Faithful
    - Will work through things with me and won't just give up
    - Has a strong Christian faith
    - Doesn't pull me away from God, but draws me closer to him
    - And loves me back just as I love her.
    Hope this helps

    • it really does help! it's also reassuring to know I'm meeting those guidelines which means I'm doing good in my walk with Christ! It's also good to know you're about my age and that there are still Godly guys like you out there (: Thanks so much for this! :)

    • No problem :)

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