I feel inadequate next to my boyfriend in public. Help?

When it's just the two of us I feel fine. I know he likes me etc. But as soon as we are in public I feel like everyone can't understand what we're doing together. He's quite thin and even though I'm not over weight I'm not skinny either. I hate the way I feel. I feel like he deserves someone prettier than me.


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  • The moment you get over yourself is the moment this problem ends.

    • You're right. I have horrible body and self confidence issues.

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    • I haven't finished my weightloss.

    • And? You still need to acknowledge your own success. If you live as though you never began no matter how many steps you take when you finish you will not defeat this. You will feel the same because you didn't take into consideration the work that went into it. You must always be grateful to yourself for your own efforts otherwise they are fruitless and you will feel that it's ill deserved as if some magic changed you from A to B. At least emotionally.

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  • When I'm with my hubby (who is stunning), people do look at me as if to say "how the fuck did she get him". But, as long as I know he wants me and he thinks I'm beautiful, who cares what others think. They're not involved in my relationship. People always have an opinion, but it's down to you, whether or not you give that opinion any power over you.

  • You need to trust that he likes you... he is with YOU for a reason. You are plenty good enough for him. If anything this should GIVE you more self confidence! Look what you were able to get! You are worthy! People do like you!

    I'm on the other side of this fence.. I'm a lot more "attractive" than my boyfriend and I get comments all the time.."why are you settling".."you could do so much better"..."really?" ..."how'd you end up with him?"

    I just smile and move on, I'm in the relationship I want to be in, it is no one else's business.

    Love yourself, that allows others to love you and allows you to love others.