How do you stop only dating those who approach you?

and build up enough confidence to approach those you actually want to date?


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  • Its gain the confidence by doing it. Accept that at first its going to be hard and scary and you will feel nervous and a little self conscious.

    Learning to approach the people you are interested in does so much more than increase your dating options. It helps you learn to face your fears, it builds confidence at massive level, it helps you understand and manage your bodies fear response and react better under stress, it improves your over all social skills which can be used to build more meaningful relationships with your friends, family and even coworkers. On top of that it will start to become fun. When you first see someone you want to approach and feel the fear, then after you do it the fear becomes excitement and even if they turn you down it will feel could knowing you had the courage to take the shot.

    • ok, but where is this confidence coming from in the first place. that's the issue

    • You gain confidence through action. You don't start doing something because you are confident, you are confident because you started doing it! Start going up to people you like and say "I just noticed you and had to come meet you". Let the conversation flow from there. If its going well exchange numbers and set up a date

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