Girls: would you text a picture to a guy you considered a friend?

This girl I like sent me a text last night, we talked for a while then she sent a picture of herself to me, I'm wondering if she is interested or just likes me as a friend.


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  • I send my guy friends pics when I have shopping dilemmas to ask them what looks good on me because my guy friends tend to be more honest. many girls don't want to say something looks bad on their friend.

    • "many girls don't want to say something looks bad on their friend. "

      True. Most girls tend to avoid making compliments unless they do it without asking. That's when they're being the most honest.

      However, men don't want to tell potential girlfriends that they look bad either. Most men think about what it would be like to have sex with their close female friends. Why do you think our guy friends follow us around? Not to say that's all they want. But c'mon. No man wants to tell a woman she looks fat or stupid.

      The real reason why a woman does this is because a man who is interested in her will automatically say she looks hot in it, whether or not she is really thinking about the dynamics of that. Many people do it unthinkingly. I have been guilty. Who hasn't?

    • Are they gay guys, lol

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  • If it was just normal "selfie" , she's may taking you as a really good friend.

  • yes why not


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