Any single girl here (above 20) coming from rich parents, smart, beautiful and outgoing? I have a question for you?

I met a girl satisfying those and i've been interested in her before knowing that she was from a rich family. And it's kinda intimidating knowing that about her.

I wanted to know if people like her find it difficult to have a bf? I heard guys get usually intimidated by those type of girls (uptown girl type), or their parents; so, those girls rarely get asked out, or usually end up with uptown boys; rarely middle class or lower class. How far is that true?


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  • well I like a guy who is poorer than me but I think he's so sexy and seems to have a cool personality. sometimes other guys with money can be annoying and some even come off less manly. poorer and working class guys tend to have more stereotypical macho masculinity in my opinion and I really like that. I do think I will probably end up with a poor guy who started from the bottom and then got money. you should at least try it just like you would if she was a girl from ur neighborhood. whats the worst that can happen? she could turn u down for a million reasons not just bc ur poor

    • has he met your parents? what do your parents think of him? Does he think he'll be able to give you what you are used to, later and stuff?

    • I barely know him so it hasn't gotten that far

    • Oh okay.. Does he know at least? xD

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  • I don't think it matters, if she likes you, she likes you, period. People don't like someone based on their background, when they like someone, they like them regardless. If a girl is choosing to like you based on whether or not you come from family, she's not being honest with herself... and girls who come from a "rich" family, very rarely are like that... as long as you're trying to go somewhere in life and you're proving that you're not just a loser with no ambition or goals, I think you're safe.

  • It is actually true. Most of guy approached because of "rich". Therefore, it is kind of self defend for me. I didn't assume that all guy are bad. But still afraid of their purpose. And yes my family end up with uptown boys but a good man who truly care.

    • Have you ever fallen for a non-uptown guy, and he liked you, but you both knew the relationship wouldn't work out?

    • No, in my experience I felt they just try to show off. And most of them have no brain.

    • ah okay haha

  • Yep it is, I'm not over 20 but, Id rather go out with guys that are the same 'level' as me. Because then I know it's not about my parents money. I hardly get asked out I just get stared at so I don't know if I would fall for a guy who's 'lower class' it could happen I guess but if be nervous it's because of my financial status or even looks.

    • Ah okay. Thanks. Well as for me, i didn't know she was from a rich background; never even thought i'd meet someone like that ever.. So, it wasn't attraction to her money, but to her being. It was a bit later that my friend told me she has rich parents and thus, out of my league. I somehow wished it wasn't the case :/ anyway.. c'est la vie.

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