GUYS: Why Would You Ask A Girl To Stay After Sex, Provided You Weren't Planning On Having Sex with Her Again?

i want to know, because i'm seeing this guy, he's 25, we had sex and then we went out afterwards. i was going to just go home by myself and he asked me to go home with him. i figured he wanted to have sex again.

but we just ended up watching a movie, cuddling and talking, then slept together in the same bed. with the same blanket, he even gave me the better pillow (he offered). next morning i thought he would want morning sex but he didn't initiate anything, we just talked and cuddled until he had to leave for work.

i don't know how guys are but for me, sharing a bed with someone, like actually sharing a bed, is pretty rare. either i'd have to have known you for a long time or i want to have sex with you. so for him to do that was surprising.

any thoughts on why?


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  • Well I can't say much but when I was with this one girl after a certain bar night way back, the sex was so good that I wanted to fuck her a lot the next day but only had the morning sex and she had to leave.

    Otherwise I wouldn't ask her nor would I tell her to leave so again I can't say much here.


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  • He is a keeper,
    That was a beautiful thing. You assumed he would try to initiate sex again and all he did was send cuddles and love your way. Just beautiful.
    I have done this maybe once or twice. But i really enjoyed spending time with those women.
    They were more than a weekend prize and i knew it.

  • Yes, I would.


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  • Some guys do like to cuddle and company of a girl

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