Am I needy or right?

I feel like my bf isn't consistent with his feelings and affection toward me. He would usually tell me he misses me and call me "baby" and other cute names.

For weeks I would say "I miss you" and he wouldn't say it back just ignore it and continue the convo. He wouldn't call me sweet things for weeks on end. We are newly dating so I'm saying that consistency in the beginning is important as you're building an emotional connection but he's so hit and miss with his affections. I have bought it up several times and he gets pissed and says he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Am I being needy or is he just not being fair? If I'm not affectionate it's just like two friends casually speaking, my male friends have more affection toward me than he does. What's up with that?

  • You're being needy- relax!
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  • He's inconsistency says he isn't that into you
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  • Dude, I think you need to chill. You've only been dating for a while, you're probably freaking him out just calm down with the "miss yous"

    • He started that shit, I think you have missed the key thing here about being inconsistent. If it was always me with the "I miss you's" I wouldn't have posted this.

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    • It sounds like he treats you pretty shit, you're right trust is a primary part in any relationship and if you can't trust him then maybe you deserve better. If he acknowledged it and still refuses to talk about it , I don't think he is going to talk about it. My advice for you don't ever stay in a unhappy relationship, i'm not telling you to break up with him just to reconsider whether you like him as much as you did at the start.

    • Thanks hun

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  • He probably thinks it's unusual to hear that from you at such an early stage. However, embrace your inner feelings. You are having feminine energy crying out to him, that's normal. He probably blew your socks of at some point and you can't get enough of him. He probably doesn't know how to handle that.


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