What does he mean when he says "We dont talk anymore?"?

I have been seeing this guy for 4 months now. We have had our ups and downs but I think we are at a stage where we are comfortable. We just started communication on a strong level. We slowed things down and we almost stopped seeing each other but he came back to me. I have been a little stand offish but he initiate text and started calling me like he used to in the beginning when we met. We had a deep conversation over the phone. Im trying not to rush things. He recently text that we dont "talk" anymore. I am confused because we have been communicating. I text back "What do you mean?" His response was "We just dont and that is fine." Does that mean that he dont feel like we are on that dating level anymore? He is still around and I know he likes me. Maybe I need to start being a little more aggressive now that things are better. Does "talking" mean dating? Does that have a different meaning now a days?


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  • "We don't talk anymore" means that you both are Not at where you used to be when you went back to being together in talk and text again. He has picked up on your 'Little stand offish' ways and can sense that you are Not bringing forth your real self... The way we were...
    It's okay now for you to let down your guard some. He is making a great initiating to bring you both Back to Point A... he just wants You the way You used to be so you can come to the Point where it could possibly go beyond 'Dating.'
    I see a special chemistry here. He is trying and making a big effort to keep open lines of convo wide open. It's your turn now to go out on a limb for him and let your own hair down... he misses this girl... She is Who he 'Came back' for...
    No, it has nothing to do with 'Dating...'being at a that level' again where we were in being on the same page... it goes deeper than Just-----Talking even...
    Good luck. xx

    • I like your comment. I just initiated brunch but we couldn't go bc of the weather. I have started telling him that I am thinking of him. He seems to be warming up. Everything you said makes since. He was afraid of losing me but I guess I have to continue to let him know that I'm not going anywhere.

    • Thank you, sweetie, and with him coming back, it looks like he will be pleased that You as well are coming around.:)) xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me this time to lend a helping hand..:)) xx

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  • Could be anything ranging from lack of you initiating conversation, too much DnM not enough actual getting to know each other, lack of physical interaction (face to face), a cover for lack of physical intimacy (subtle cues are stupid, just say it), lack of sexual interaction/tension building, your line of conversation is boring and repetitive and soo much more.

    Simply asking 'what do you mean' will illicit no answers from anyone, you haven't addressed the core issue or proposed an answerable question or even directly stated what you mean. So try a more direct question if you want a direct answer, than again, also be prepared to misinterpret his answer as person=person lines of reason aren't always compatible.

    In all, I'd fair assume you actually already know round about why, you know what your past conversations have been and have been able to access the moods of those conversations and/or physical interactions.


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  • It's hard to say, but my best guess is that he wants to talk to you in person, not oc

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