I teased him about being interested in another woman and he changed the subject?

The guy I've been dating for the past month and I are in a gaming group together. One day, on the group chat we're in together, a woman spoke her mind about an issue that people are divided on in the group. This issue happens to be very important to him since he's one of the leaders. So when she invited everyone on the chat to join her for an event at a bar that night, he was the first to say "I'll be going!" He was also the only one volunteering to show up. I didn't mention her at all, but him and I text all the time. He brought up that he really wants to put a face to a name and also wants to meet her because he was very impressed by what she said earlier. But then he went on gushing about her and basically wrote in 8 different ways how he's soo happy she spoke up, and how open minded she is, and he can't wait to meet her and he's so impressed with her and blah blah blah. I wasn't jealous at that point, but I did make a teasing comment and he wrote "Ha" and changed the subject to the weather! When he told me in person later that she flaked, I said "You must be disappointed" And he said "Did I mention how adorable you look tonight?" Is it me or does changing the subject like that mean he's interested in her? He teases me about other guys when I bring them up and I never change the subject. It seems suspicious to me..


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  • Yeah he's most probably into the both of you definitely suspicious, or weird, tell him whoa motherfucker dont skip subject like that with me please! or move on if he doesn't care for how you feel. goodluck :)


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