Have you ever cheated on your gf/bf or spouse?

Have you ever cheated in a relationship? Why or Why not?
And what's your definition of 'cheating?'

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  • I have never cheated. I have no reason to cheat.

    My definition is any contact, be it emotional, or physical, that you would not feel comfortable letting your partner see if it's physical, or inside your thoughts if it's emotional.

    If you wouldn't do it in front of your partner and you wouldn't tell them about it guilt free then it's cheating.


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  • My definition of cheating is a defective personality, someone who cannot keep a promise, someone who has a moral deficiency that allows him (or her) to be deceptive. That's why it's called cheating. That being said, we all are quite capable of lowering ourselves to this disgusting level. All it takes sometimes is a handsome face or soul searching eyes or a well placed touch. But it is not right and I hope that we are all not so superficial to think that cheating should be the norm.

  • No, and I'll never cheat in the future either. To me cheating is one of the worst betrayals you can put someone through. In my opinion cheating is when you do something that you know would hurt your partner if they knew about it, it could be both physical and emotional

  • Anything you wouldn't say, do, or show your significant other is cheating. Emotional cheating is just as horrible as physical cheating.


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