Am I being played in LDR?

Met an absolute babe traveling and hooked up a few times on vacation. We kept in touch, she flew out to visit me a month later and two months after that she purchased my ticket and hotel to visit her. She travels quite a bit. Called her on facetime randomly last week, she was at her place, but was acting a bit strange, glanced at her bed for 4-5 seconds, and we continued talking. After saying she's just watching tv, she says hold on, blocks facetime (never done this) 20 seconds later it's back open and her bed is perfectly made and she's acting normal again. Yeah. We chat and got views of each other and she mentioned she was shaved and it's hard without you here. Called today, caught up. She admitted to being bisexual in past and I occasionally make fun of her for this. She's going on a girl's night in her town and I said well if you hook up with any girls you better send me some pictures, she just laughed and I said I don't want to see any pictures of her hooking up with guys and she says I wouldn't do that. Prior to all of this she wanted to be exclusive which seems null and void at this point. Do I call her out on it and end it?


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  • forgive me as im a bit confused... why wld u wanna break it off if you're attracted to her? Unless her bisexuality has you feeling a little uncomfortable? I would say your kind of in a LDR and nothing wrong with that if you're able to visit each other on occasion. She obviously likes you considering her generosity of purchasing you tickets to see her. Im not sure I understand exactly what it is that's really bothering you... the fact you could be in a LDR or that ya happen to be in one with someone bisexual... Please clarify. Thx.

  • Sounds suspicious. Go with your gut instinct. It's always better to ask politely and directly with evidence that she can refute before you go gung-ho, though. Because there is always a chance you're jumping to conclusions very quickly.

    • True, gut says bad news. Issue back at home is I have quite a few interested women and told them no.

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    • Condescending tone noted.

    • Didn't mean to come off that way, I'm sorry if I did. I'm only speaking from my experience..

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