Do I owe an apology to my ex bf?

I met a new guy and it's been great. But none of my friends likes him. Here is the story my ex broke up with me out of blue and after few weeks he asked me to start over I still had feelings for him but needed time to heal so I said if we could just be friends first then there was a new guy came to my work (we're all co workers, my current bf working in a same office with my ex. My ex is bf's supervisor) there was nothing going on between new guy (my current bf) and me but somehow my ex thought new guy was flirting w me and ex asked me to not dating someone we both know I agreed cause I didn't want drama at work anyways. but my ex was getting crazy about me and new guy were getting close. I got annoyed cause I felt bad for new guy and it was him broke up w me. They work together as a team new guy said my ex was complaining everything what my bf do within work stuff. I was pissed off. I made clear being nice to new guy and ignored my ex. but the thing is everyone at work hated new guy, talks bad about him since my ex is great at work he has all the power to destroy new guy w any excauses so I had to protect him from my ex. New guy seemed having a hard time at work w my ex. It brought me to comport him then we got close friends finally he told me he had crush on me couldn't do much about it cause my ex hated us together. now we are secretly dating I lied to my ex we aren't and still couldn't tell the truth. then I realised my ex didn't do anything to harm my bf. it was all my bf's playing and lies to turn against my ex and get me. my bf is the one who never get his job done my ex had to cover my bf all the times. my bf is the nicest guy to me but none of his co worker likes him in many ways, my ex quite job cause there were rumour my bf made up and it gave my ex hard time to work. I didn't believe that was lies from my bf. When I was dating my ex we were good w everyone but now since I am dating this new guy no body even likes me and of course my bf has no one to talk

except me. people says things about how I am different now and saying my bf isn't good for me cause I became rude, boast, selfish only care about my bf (cause I feel like I have to!) now I am wondering is this guy right for me? If he's right for me why am I against anyone else but him. some my close friends told me it's sad to watching me turning into someone else (bad ways) I used to be carrying, honoured but now people hates us. No one really says directly but I feel it no one prof he's good
if my bf really made up bad stories about my ex to making me turn against him should i leave him? I wish I knew before started it I have feelings for my bf but I don't know if my bf is a manipulator. Some point I know out start wasn't from right place I shouldn't choose him over my ex. I think my bf used situations to have me and played well to make me toss my ex and to be w him. My bf doesn't even have any guy friends to hang out w. Even my ex quite job everyone still misses him


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  • Yes you do. And you're a fool for falling for some guy's lies.

    • but my bf still acted innocent I am almost confused if I should believe what people sys about him or what he tells me?

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    • wise answered. yes you're right I shouldn't move too fast.

    • I mean if you really love the guy then stay with him, but are you sure you love him?

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  • Dump the new guy for being such a manipulator and lying to you, definately. But you don't OWE your ex anything. You can date who you want and do what you want. It's not his place to control who you see or not.

  • I'd kicked new bf out if I can prove he lies to me. This guy is extremely selfish like a boy. If he wanna win your ex he suppose to work hard, honestly. What else he lies you to get what he want?

    • he goes to people and tells my ex gave him hard time especially to my ex's supervisor. my ex eventualy quite job cause my bf never work or always acted like my ex was bullying my bf. he was moved to other project so they don't have to work together my ex was getting so annoyed about that happens. now my bf seemed happy that he basically made my ex to quite job. but still none of his co worker likes my bf.

    • He tell everyone about your ex. I considered "lies" is unacceptable. Your bf lies to you and himself that your ex is bad. He knows he don't do the job. Do you if he is your boss, will he interesting in you? He talk bad about your ex it is kind of a boy not a man for me. I would go back to date with ex as everyone also like him. If people around dislike bf because he lies. I agree with them. You deserve a better guy than your bf. Dump him and date your ex!!!

  • Well, that's some drama. It wouldn't hurt to do so.