Does one simply give up on love?

We had problems.. small ones he broke it off.. i got drunk n had a threesum.. he found out (the female was his friend and told him). he hates that.. he says he pictures the guy having sex wit me everytime he seems me.. i love him and i apologized a million times.. he asked me for time and we talk here and there but its hard to not want to hug him n be held by him.. i miss that so much.. we hung out today but it was awkward it was as if we were nothing more than friends.. it hurt.. should i give up on trynna get back with him?

Reminder that he broke it off wit me.. so we werent technically together wen i had dat threesum


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  • do you know how it hurts... you dont deserve forgiveness... and dont blame alcohol coz im a good drunker.

    • I support this all the way trust u make me feel just like he did.. but let me clear something up.. he has a wife he goes home too.. n yes im ok with that because they dont have sex theyre only together cuz of their kids n one gets seizures really bad n would affect him greatly

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  • shame you wasn't bothered before sleeping with two people, i guess some men won't care and find that horny 1 guy 2 women not 2 guys 1 woman, but i think real men will i dont blame him i wouldn't even want to be you're friend let alone lover goodluck either way :)

    • Thanks.. ill need it.. its been about a week.. n weve been talking but he says he can never see me the same he says he sees me and imagines the guy fuc*in me

  • as a wise man once said...

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  • I would be hurt aswell if someone said they loved me but slept with someone else regardless of whether we were dating or not. Technically you have a right to do what you want but emotionally, he may have trouble trusting in you saying you love him and he may feel betrayed by what you did.

  • Gotta be honest it's hard for someone to bounce back from that. If there is a chance it's going to take time, but it may not work out. I had a boyfriend once that while we were on a break had a random hookup with a girl he didn't know I knew. For the first few months after getting back together I could barely let him touch me as all I could see was them together and it made me want to vomit (and I actually did a few times to be honest). Eventually things worked out, but it took a lot of time.

  • Being drunk is NOT an excuse. You wanted to do something, you use alcohol to blame it on.
    I honestly would not be able to take someone back for this. I do not blame him. I don't think you really love someone if you cheat. If you did, you wouldn't hurt them to begin with. You would've thought about them the whole time and realized that they are more important than a 3sum.
    This is from a person who has never cheated but has been cheated by her 2 ex boyfriends. I forgave them, took them back, they both did it again. I learned from both that it's best to leave a cheater behind, no matter how much you love them. I honestly hope your boyfriend does the same. That way you'll learn to be more considerate next time, especially if you "love" him.

    • How is it cheating if he broke up wit me?

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    • Apart for almost 8 months? Yea, that changes it. He shouldn't be mad at all. If you guys were only apart for like a day or week or maybe even a month yes. But 8 months? That's almost a whole year. I can understand how hurt he'd be though. If you love someone, it's absolute pain to know they fucked someone else after you. But still, you guys were apart for so long.

    • I think i might not have wrote that right.. the 1st time we broke up we were apart for 8months.. this time weve been together for 5months and he just broke it off a week ago.. so sorry for tge confusion