On Campus or Off Campus Housing for dating?

So I am transferring to the University of Alabama next year and I am single so I planned on living on campus to cut down on living expenses and so on but I have also been thinking about living off campus, one due to my age, I'm 23 and two because living off campus seems more conducive to a serious, long term relationship which is something I am hoping to find. So here's my question

Girls: Do you mind if a guy lives in a dorm and you two are dating or would you prefer him to live off campus?

Guys: Has this been a big deal in your college relationships so far or am I just over stressing because it's been a few years?

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  • Read my article id say off


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What Girls Said 2

  • Which was better I'm going to college soon id like to know too?

  • Id prefer him to live the opposite of me..I need my space


What Guys Said 1

  • If a girl can't respect where you are in life:

    1. student.

    2. poor

    Then that's not the girl for you. Of a course a girl is going to want a guy who has a more comfortable living space but right now, that's not you and selling yourself otherwise is false advertisement.

    Do the rational and more economical decision and live on campus with other dudes if living off campus will affect your studies too much.