How long should you wait?

How long after dating someone should you wait to kiss ect. Iv been in a few relationships in the past and they all started fast and ended fast. I just don't know how long to wait to hold hands, first kiss ext.


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  • You gotta test the waters. Every time you see her make another advance. I recommend starting with something simple like a touch on the forearm, then a shoulder touch, then touch her hand, then hug her. Do each of these steps twice before advancing to the next step. If she seems ok with the forearm touch, next time you see her do it again. Then proceed with the next step. After you hug her the first time, sneak a little kiss on her cheek and then if she's ok with that you can safely assume you can hold her hand in public.

    • Hehe I'm a girl :) but I'm bi so it works

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    • Oh ya... Sorry...

    • Haha no worries, good luck

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  • Trust your instincts and just do what comes naturally. Every relationship is different, don't assume that they will all work out the same way.

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