I need advice on dating and perhaps a potential relationship?

I'll try my best to sum this up: I'm a sophomore in college and turned 20 this year. I have never been in a relationship, or kissed a guy. But there's this guy I like: same year and age, and he also likes me (we both know it). He's really nice and we have been hanging out. We could spend hours talking and we wouldn't even know how much time has passed. There is definitely chemistry between us, especially when watching movies. He's definitely not the type of guy who just want to get into someone's pants. He's a shy guy. So here's my dilemma: I want a relationship, but I feel too busy this year. Ideally, I'll look for a relationship during my junior or senior year when most of my work is starting to come to an end and I only need to fulfill units. My problem is whether or not I should make a move and start something more (like dating and maybe a relationship). The pace and level that we are at now is good, but I feel that if I do something and it does go a little beyond friends that I'll have no idea what to do and feel that I jumped into this situation way too fast. Please help me.


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  • Then just tell him that your busy but would like a relationship after. That means at least he knows something is going to happen between you two. See how he responds to wanting a relationship later on.


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